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Natural Emphasis is a research and development company with a primary focus on the re-emerging hemp industry in Canada. We believe that hemp
represents a great opportunity for Canadians to pursue a path of economic development that is both economically and environmentally sustainable
and contributes to a higher quality of life for all.

We have been actively involved in researching hemp, disseminating information and challenging common misconceptions about hemp since 1994.

Past projects have included grassroots public education, project management, market surveys, independent economic and agricultural research,
hemp feasibility studies, authoring successful hemp research permit and commercial cultivation license applications, and articles on the economics
and agronomics of commercial hemp production.

Clients and partners have included the Ontario Hemp Alliance, Six Nations Economic Development Commission, Agriculture Canada, Aboriginal
Business Canada, the Hemp Commerce and Farming Report and independent Canadian farmers and entrepreneurs.

Currently Natural Emphasis, in partnership with PhytoGene Resources Inc., is developing commercial hemp seed varieties bred specifically for
Canadian hemp seed production. Our first variety, ESTA-1 was registered in 2004. ESTA-1 is a
meidum height hemp variety developed for Eastern Canada. It features very large seeds (grain) ideally suited for dehulling.

Our second variety, CanMa was registered in 2010 and is a highly productive, short statured variety that is ideal for combining. As with ESTA-1,
CanMa has been developed to maximize grain yield. CanMa is a short season variety making it ideal for Western Canadian latitude and growing
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