Our Services Include:
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traditional breeding methods
commercial variety development
custom breeding services
breeder and pedigreed seed production
ESTA-1 Breeder Seed
CanMa Breeder Seed
ESTA-1 Pedigreed Seed
CanMa Pedigreed Seed
contract growing
bulk micronized hemp seed sales
hemp grain sales brokering
processed hemp grain sourcing

Together with our breeing partner, PhytoGene Resources, over the past ten years we have developed two of the highest grain yielding
hemp varieties available in Canada. Both varieties are recognised and certified by Health Canada and our ongoing varietal development
program and hands on approach ensures that our breeder and pedigreed seed are of exceptionally high quality.

We work directly with farmers to develop market opportunities and with end customers to ensure consistency and quality of supply over
time, both for organic or conventionally grown hemp.

Whether directly or via our extensive range of industry partners, Natural Emphasis can assist in the procurement of hemp grain, whether
unprocessed, micronized (sterilized), dehulled or hemp seed oil and/or cake.